Why list a classified ad?

    • Affordability Whatever the size of your advertising budget, there is a monthly option. On thecity1.com, you nothing for ads without photos. Each photo in your ad costs $5. Your ad runs for a month, so divide our prices by 30 for the daily cost. Increase your advertising power in a cost-efficient manner.
    • Wider Exposure Your classified ad has the potential to be viewed tens of thousands of times each month. We know our unique viewers return several times a month and read multiple pages. Thecity1.com widens your advertising market significantly. We offer you the opportunity to promote your business and broaden your sales market. We have a wide readership; that translates into a wide audience for you.
    • Creativity We offer you multiple categories to display your classified ad and photo, so they can be found easily. Add up to four photos  to show off your item.
    • Service Your classified advertisement will be visible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At no charge, thecity1.com offers four categories of Free Stuff, which will run for 15 days.
    • Flexibility Choose an advertising package, pay for it online, and submit your ad and photo(s) any time of day, without waiting for approval. Classified ads sometimes need updating or removal before the month is over. You have access to edit and make these changes immediately.


For complete information about classified advertising

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Stephanie Vavra, Advertising Manager, at Advertising Manager with the Contact Us form This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or


Stephanie can also be faxed at 815-772-8718.


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