Why Advertise with Us?

For many people, your business does not exist if it is not online.  Savvy businesses advertise where most viewers look every dayAdvertise proudly with our prestigious online newspaper.

    • Affordability Whatever the size of your advertising budget, there is a monthly option. On thecity1.com, you could pay less for a 12-month Banner ad than you might be paying elsewhere per month. Increase your advertising power in a cost-efficient manner.
    • Wider Exposure The world turns to the Internet for information.  We offer you an opportunity to promote your business and broaden your market, in an easily-accessible manner.  Our newspaper has a wide, loyal readership, including those considering a move to this area. Your website has the potential to be viewed nearly 55,000 times EACH MONTH. Our unique viewers load 456,000 pages MONTHLY. Know that thecity1.com widens your advertising market significantly. 
    • Creativity If you have no website, let us build your business information into a "Splash Page" displayed on thecity1.com. Add your logo, a slogan, text, and photos.
    • Service Thecity1.com offers timely information, news, weather, sports, photographs, and features--every time the computer is accessed. Your advertisement is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Your advertising Banner and website will never be discarded, as is the case with print advertising.
    • Flexibility Some "Splash Pages" and advertising Banners need updating, due to seasonal variations or promotions. Thecity1.com can respond to your requests quickly.

For complete information about advertising with thecity1.com contact Stephanie Vavra with the "Contact Us Form" or call 815-772-8718.  Stephanie can also be faxed at 815-772-8718. 

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